baby memories

Capture a moment in time with your child's hand or footprints on a hand painted ceramic piece. Hand and footprints on ceramics is a wonderful reminder of how small your little ones once were. They make lovely gifts for all the family and a wonderful keepsake for you to cherish.

Our ceramic paints are non-toxic and water based. Our friendly, creative staff are there to assist. By sponging some colour onto your child’s hand or foot and then printing onto any suitably-sized pottery, we can make an ever-lasting keepsake for you to treasure or as a special gift for family and friends.

We can also paint a message to personalise it further. These items make ideal presents for Father’s Day or Mother’s Day, Grandparents, Godparents and family, or to mark your child’s birthdays. Why not do one each year to record your child's change in size.....

We can also cater for Toddler Group Sessions where we will help you to get the hand and footprints on the piece and then you can decorate to your hearts content! The items will be glazed and fired and returned to the group. This is also a wonderful idea for Nurseries and Creches.